Sakura Red


Fire Red Shrimp are red (obviously). They may look like a Cherry Shrimp but with better red coverage and intensity. (The body is entirely red, but the color is brighter and more solid than any other red shrimps). The females are usually more intense than the fully colored males.

  • Common Name: Red Sakura Shrimp
  • Scientific Name: Neocaridina heteropoda var. Sak
  • Origin: India (Taiwan)
  • Size: up to 3.5 cm
  • Temperature Range: 20-29 Celsius
  • pH Range: pH 6.8-7.8, neutral to slightly alkaline pH, soft to hard water
  • Breeding: in freshwater
  • Behavior: non-aggressive
  • Difficulty: very easy
  1. Diet: They are decent algae eaters. Another great supplement are blanched nettle leaves, as well as foods intended for shrimps can be used to supplement their diet.
  2. My observations: Yellow Shrimps get along well with other shrimps. Best not kept with other members of the Neocardina family due to cross-breeding. Mixing different variations is advised with such shrimps as: Yellow, Red Cherry, Red Rili, as well as Sakura Red, Black and Orange.
  3. Special notes: Most shrimps are herd animals, that's why it's better to keep them in a tank of over 20 liters.