You need to make sure that the water is biologically ready before you let your shrimps in. The process of aquarium maturation is a process of building a small ecosystem. As in every environment, the nitrogen cycle takes place in aquarium. If you want to keep your animals healthy you need to maintain biological balance. A new tank lacks bacteria flora which regulates the level of ammonia. That is why you should wait 3-4 weeks for nitrobacteria to grow. Then the bacteria will be able to change ammonia into nitrite and finally into nitrate.

  • adding bacteria or food to help them grow faster,
  • adding „old water” - i.e. water from some other aquarium (provided it’s parasites and disease free),
  • squeezing water from safe sponge filter from mature aquarium The aquarium that is mature has stable water parameters.

It is vital because shrimps don’t tolerate big changes in water parameters.?Another thing is that you need to prepare water before pouring it into aquarium.

­The best way to do this is to have water conditioner, minerals and vitamins. The conditioner will remove chlorine and bind heavy metals, while vitamins an minerals will help shrimps stay in a good shape.

If you want to breed Cardina shrimps, I recommend to buy RO filters or osmotically active water (from reliable source). Remember to add mineralization substances (eg. Salty Shrimp) to RO water. Crystals or Tigers can be bred in tap water but they need active ground.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

Cheers and good luck!