Welcome to my website! You’ll find here lots of pictures, advice and offers - everything about my passion, everything about shrimps.

My adventure has started with just one tank. I guess that’s what most shrimps’ lovers can say - we start with one aquarium but we never finish with one. And that’s exactly what happened to me. I set my first shrimp aquarium in 2008. I was under the influence of „Lambada” - a forerunner in a shrimp field. We used to work together in one of fish keeping wholesale near Warsaw. Thanks to that I learnt how to take care of sea animals, how to treat or nurse them and how to pack and ship safely.

Now I have more than 130 tanks varying from 28 to 55 liters. It makes about 5000 l of water in which several dozen of freshwater shrimps live. You can find different shrimp species in my aquariums: Red Cherry, Sakura, Blue Bee, Green and Taiwan.

My inbreeding is legal and the animals are kept in good conditions.

If any of you would like to enter this amazing „shrimp world” you can count on my advice and support. But let me warn you. This adventure may not end at one tank. I know this from my own experience :)

Still, there are two things that you must remember. First - they are live beings and you need to care for them. Second - if you want to be a good breeder you need to be passionate. Treat it as your hobby not as a source of income. Only then will you be able to fully enjoy it. And that’s what it’s all about.

Good luck